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DOCS Foundation Nepal (T​he Destitute and Orphan Children Safeguarding Foundation Nepal) ­

At the moment due to lack of sufficient funds, we are just able to collaborate with this organization. DOCS Foundation Nepal is an NGO, non­political and non­profit organization established in 2002, helping to relieve the effects of child poverty by rehabilitating street children and child labors, by organizing health camps for children in remote villages, assistance for schools in rural areas, provision of educational scholarships for children from marginalized communities, and support for orphans through their orphanages. TASP has been carrying out our various activities in their orphanage in Nakkhu, where there are over 72 children of varying ages (from 2 to 19 year olds), including some with disabilities.

Through our projects there, we have discovered some amazingly talented children. Some can draw beautifully, while others can sing beautifully, and others can play the guitar and so on. We have even heard that the children there look forward for their Saturdays even more now since they know we will be coming over with some fun­ filled activities for them each week.