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The Art and Soul Project (TASP) was conceptualised after the tragic incident of major earthquake of 2015, that left a devastating impact on the central and western regions of Nepal, ending many lives, injuring many people, and displacing many people, many of which were children. This was when Sunita decided to come back to her country from The Netherlands and try and make a difference in any way possible for the earthquake impacted children and at the same time, the orphans and street children of Kathmandu. This inspirational project became a functioning organisation in August 2015, with the intention of sparking the creative imagination in underprivileged children through the arts.

sunita-profile-2Sunita Gurung
Founder / Project Coordinator <>

From a very young age, Sunita was a cheerleader and encourager, a confidant, a caretaker and a shoulder to cry on for her siblings and holds pride in being the oldest of six. Having grown up in a challenging domestic environment, she expresses that her sense of belonging, security and encouragement often felt far-fetched. Insecurities, low self worth, lack of strength to voice out her opinion and the authority to dream big became continuous hurdles in the growing up process. And so for as long as she can remember her heart stirs each time she sees or encounters a child with a noticeable challenge, whether it be mental, emotional or physical. Her realisation of the importance of creating a positive environment where creativity is nurtured, and where children can remain children has led her to ideate her passion- The Art and Soul Project, in hopes of contributing to these children’s lives in a positive way.


Shreyans Tamang
Creative Media Manager

A freelance web developer by profession, Shreyans is keen about technology and holds interest in many fields like photography, videography and graphics design. He has worked with many artists in the past and hopes to use his skills for the betterment of underprivileged children.


Srijana Gurung
Operations Manager

Srijana holds a diploma in Montessori Education from Nepal Montessori Teaching Center, Baneshwor and has been involved with children professionally for the past 7 years. She also holds intensive experience in training individuals aspiring to become Montessori Educators. Currently she is the Program Coordinator at Marvellous Montessori, Maitidevi and dreams to create her own Montessori school in the near future.


Purnima Gurung
Funds Manager

A social worker at heart, Purnima currently works with Jarabee in The Netherlands helping young mothers in need. With the hope of giving back to her country, she feels privileged with the opportunity to contribute through The Art and Soul Project. Being a mother herself, she understands in depth the importance of solid support, positive environment and presence of creativity in these children’s lives. She pursues to complete her final year of Bachelors this year.